About Us

About Maccabi Europe

The history of Maccabi Europe is as impressive in numbers as it is in relation to the impact on Jewish Europe. We are one of the largest Jewish Organisations in the world with 40 affiliated territories in Europe alone. Every year tens of thousands of people are engaged in the broad range of Sports, Health and Wellbeing programmes and events and it is through this prism that we aim to informally educate and create pride in our Jewish identity. Maccabi Europe has a variety of the largest products in the Jewish World.

Maccabi Community Fun Runs

Our Community Fun Run events now take place in over 20 cities in Europe. It is the largest single Jewish Sports, Health and Well-being event and it has now spread to the Americas, South America and Australia. We are one of the largest informal educators in Europe, seeing tens of thousands of children each year.

But that is only a small part of our story. Every day all over Europe 24/6 our Maccabi organisations are working to ensure the long term future of the Jewish people by engaging in a broad range of Programmes tailored for their markets.
We will consider any activity that brings our people together. Whilst some of our larger organisations have built, scaled and sustained professional organisations, for many parts of Europe especially in Eastern Europe life is much harder. The majority of these Maccabi Organisations have a few well-meaning volunteers who have a good heart but no funding to develop their organisations.

Maccabi Future Leaders Programme

We are committed through our Future Leadership Programme to find the communal leaders of tomorrow, to train and develop them and to give them leadership opportunities now.

European Maccabi Games

Every four years, the European Maccabi Games take place in a different city across Europe. Over 2,500 Jewish athletes come together to participate in this sporting event, bringing together people from different backgrounds to compete but also to forge friendships for life. The alternating four years, delegations from across Europe participate in the Maccabiah in Israel. The world-wide event, which hosts over 10,000 athletes in the third largest sporting event in the world, also lovingly called the “Jewish Olympics”.

Funding & Support

We are committed to finding funding to support a core professional team whose role will be to train, develop and support the Territorial Organisations to be the best that they can be. In addition, means-tested bursaries will be available for TO’s to apply for to support their work and development.