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Business & Entrepreneur FLF Seminar - London, 2014 November

More than 100 young professionals from 27 different countries and 4 continents arrived to London to learn something new for their personal and professional life.

The participants took part in networking sessions, swapped ideas and received talks from some of the brightest, Jewish names in the business world. These included Stephen Rosenthal, Head of Ads and Enterprise PR for EMEA at Google UK; Vered Itzkovitch from Bank Leumi UK; Jamie Simon from Banana Split Events; Uber's Director of Communications for EMEA, Ben Novick; Credo's Chief Investment Officer, Deon Gouws; and Zeek CEO, Daniel Zelkind ending with an lecture about Israel with a Middle East Expert. There were also TED talks and workshops from entrepreneur, Antonina Samecka, Lifecoach, David Baker, and Nikola Chongarov - Bulgarian skier for their 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics team.

The members also participated in an international coctail party and a sightseeing tour in London.