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What are we trying to achieve
There is a growing opportunity for Maccabi to fill a huge void in Europe. Starved of Jewish activity for so long there appears to be a strong sense of pride in Jewish values and a thirst for more Jewish knowledge.  Allied to this is the need for more knowledge of Israel and an understanding of its centrality in the life of all Jewish people.
In such a diverse confederation with so many countries, some wealthy, some extremely poor we are looking to develop a strong Maccabi leadership, with a clear understanding of Maccabi's history and ethos. 
The leadership will evolve over time to include a mix of a network of Shlichonim working through the EMC Central Shaliach and MWU's education department and local Madrichim trained and developed through our leadership programs.
EMC Ambassadors Program calls for European leaders to take on responsibility for their specific region and liaising with the EMC executive. This will give Europe's leaders a greater feeling of partnership in the wider picture. 

A core curriculum: our leadership program should be developed to include follow up sessions, e-mail courses and up dates, and the opportunity to share program ideas throughout Europe.
Participation on one leadership course should not be the end but the beginning of an ongoing development program. 

The leadership program should be structured (to take in the needs of the local community) but should give the participants real Maccabi opportunities to become involved in European projects such as working in Maccabi summer camps.

Holocaust studies
: ensuring annual participation in the March of the Living or if not possible at some other opportunity. 
Arranging visits to other camps as the importance of a deeper understanding of our recent history can never be ignored.

Sporting events
:  Every event to have a Maccabi awareness session (Israel Diaspora relations, Zionism anti Semitism etc.) 

Cultural activities
: arranging a minimum of one Maccabi cultural event per year. Visiting places of Jewish heritage in Europe, which is steeped in a rich Jewish history?

Project by the younger members
 of the local community to re tell the history of their local Maccabi organization, and the history of Maccabi in Europe. 

 tour: annual leadership and sports leadership tour to Israel (school holidays, possibly during the December break). These trips are very important and leave lasting impression.

Leadership awareness sessions
 at the European meetings, to give Europe's senior leaders an opportunity to sample for themselves the nature of our leadership programs. This will also give them an opportunity to ask any questions and to encourage greater participation in future programs. 
Producing a clearly define document  for sports coaches who are not necessarily aware of Maccabi, outlining Maccabi's history, aims and objectives, ethos and the importance of gaining a fuller experience of a Maccabi event.